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10M1R meets Henning


Which other stories can you remember? The dates and alterations of a gown were once so close together that it was practically impossible to meet them. The packet with the gown was damaged in transit, the Bride was hysterical! I phoned an agent in Holland and asked if he could make the impossible possible and send the gown again - immediately!
He packed the gown in his car straight away and drove from Holland. Not a standard service but a lovely story with a happy end and marriage.

Which escorts do the sales staff prefer? Unanimously the mother or grandmother and secondly a friend. Basically the smaller the escort the more relaxed the bride. Occasionally a bride flaunts tradition and brings her fiancé or friend with her. Fathers do come but are usually parked in the café and are speedily collected when it comes to payment.

Is there a trend or theme and how often does it change? The trend changes less quickly with bridal gowns than with the fast fashion area. Even so there are always certain styles which are timeless and appear again and again. 2016 is a puristical style, mikado material ,ivory colourd tulle with lace.

What is the longest journey for a bride to Tellingstedt? Australia.

About the forgotten gowns wardrobe // For the most part the gowns and their stories are anonymous or there is a quite banal reason. Often of course - separation! The clients phone in this case and ask for a reversal of the contract/order. A gut feeling and experience tell me whether there is really a tragic separation story  behind the cancellation or whether the client has merely found a lovely gown elsewhere. When a father stands here, with a dress bag in his hands and tears in his eyes, then you feel quite simply that the story is true. You can be sure that in this case there will be no wedding.